2oz Mini Red Solo Cups – 150 Count – Disposable Tiny Shot Glasses & Party Shooters – Great for Alcohol Tasting, Tailgates, Jager Bombs, Roulette, Wine, Beer, Liquor – Party Supplies

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Manufacturer Description

2oz Mini Red Solo Cups - 150 Count - Disposable Tiny Plastic Shot Glasses, Party Liquor Shooters - Great for Alcohol Tasting, Tailgates, Jager Bombs, Roulette, Beer - By Drinking Game Zone

Here's a few things that set us apart from the competition, when it comes to delivering high quality mini plastic shot glasses for American themed parties:

#1 2oz Plastic Shot Glasses
- Each disposable plastic shot glass measures 2" in height x 2" in diameter
- They hold up to 80mL (which is 2.7oz of liquid)

#2 30-Day Satisfaction GURANTEE
- Our high quality red plastic shots can be disposed of after use, or reused
- These small red shots have been successfully used at events like weddings, sporting events, corporate gatherings, birthdays, and of course the occasional pre game for a night out
- They're crafted to be lightweight, yet sturdy enough to survive falls without breaking or cracking

#3 The Perfect Party Sampler
- With 150 available, there's plenty of disposable plastic cups available for sampling multiple different drink options
- Suitable for drinking any type of alcohol: liquor, beer, mine, etc
- Crafted so that washing + reusing is always an option if you're on a tight budget

#4 Red Solo Cup Shot Glass Measurements
- 1st line: 10mL
- 2nd line: 30mL (the "shot line")
- 3rd line: 60mL
- 4th line: 70mL
- Fully filled up: 80mL

#5 Drinking Game Zone 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE
- Drinking Game Zone is your top supplier for all things bathroom related
- If anything about our beer bong fell short of your expectations, please don't hesitate to process a return and you will receive 100% of your money back, no questions asked

Product Features

? LOWEST PRICED THROWAWAY SHOTGLASSES: At our price, we offer the cheapest price for your needs. Nobody can beat our lowest price on Amazon, where we bring you the highest quality products at the lowest cost possible. Rest assured that purchasing from Drinking Game Zone means getting the highest quality wholesale shotglasses out there at an affordable price - use them with confidence at family gatherings, corporate events, catered meals, picnics, pregames, and college or adult parties ? PERFECT FOR COLLEGE UNIVERSITY PARTY: This table makes a perfect birthday present or christmas gift for 21 year old students that like to consume alcoholic cocktails on the weekends. Don't be caught empty handed when pregaming for a drunk night out with friends, especially if you're vacationing or at a remote location in a hotel room. Be ready for when the night is turning up before going out and raging - pack your portable throw away plastiq shots and let the fun begin ? 30 DAY IRON CLAD MONEY BACK GUARANTEED: If you're not satisfied with your kid size red solocups for even a minute we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. Your satisfaction and happiness is our top priority. Our mini plastic shot glasses are durable, reliable, and sure to satisfy your needs for them. 1st line: 10mL; 2nd line: 30mL; 3rd line: 60mL; 4th line: 70mL; And the red solo cup shot glass measurements hold 80mL when fully filled up. For reference, a 1.5oz shot is 45mL ? GREAT FOR SAMPLING DIFFERENT DRINKS: With so many different types of fermented alcoholic beverages to choose from, these make the perfect mini serving cups. Use all 150 pieces to sample different ale, lager, sake, wine, and any other spirits distilled from grains or fruits and pick your favorite type of booze, They're also perfect for taste tests with any drinkable liquid. Pour your friends samples of non-alcoholic drinks and let them pick which option tastes best, then dispose of the cup ? PLAY INDOOR & OUTDOOR ADULT PARTY GAMES: Play countless alcohol drinking games like mini beerpong, shot roulette, power hour, spin the shot, downsized flip cup, drink-a-palooza, and battleshots. Grab a pack of 16oz red solo cups along with our two ounce smaller shot cups and get the festivities started and the drinks flowing! Between the two sets up red party cups you can play hundreds of fun bachelor and bachelorette party games that will make your night exciting and one to remember

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