3D Wooden Maps

3D wooden maps combine traditional woodwork, state-of-the-art technology, and the aesthetics of geography, creating a timeless home decor element. They offer a visually pleasing story of exploration, capturing the resonance of beloved locations in a form that’s set to adorn your spaces for years to come. Whether procured for personal enjoyment or gifting, 3D wooden maps are invariably a testament to craft, geography, and your unique journey.

3D wooden maps are an emerging trend in interior design, combining modern technology and traditional craft. They are intricately detailed pieces that convey both the love of travel and a deep appreciation for natural materials.

Understanding 3D Wooden Maps

3D wooden maps are topographic art pieces depicting geographical locations — often famous cities or natural landscapes — crafted entirely out of wood. Be it wall décor, coasters, or tabletop trinkets, these tactile, multi-dimensional artworks can transform a space while asserting a unique representation of your favorite locations.

The Creation Process

Crafting 3D wooden maps is a delicate blend of technology and handcrafting.

Design and Digital Cutting

The process starts with an accurate geographic blueprint of the selected area, created using mapping software. These digital designs are fed into a laser cutter (or CNC routers in some cases), which precisely cuts various layers of wood to reflect the topography — from seafloors and land elevations to landmarks and textual elements.

Hand Assembly and Finishing

Once all pieces are cut, they are attentively hand-assembled in layers, forming a multi-leveled effect that provides the ‘3D’ aspect. Subsequently, finishing touches like staining, hand-painting, or applying a protective layer are accomplished, accentuating the artwork's details.

Types of 3D Wooden Maps

Depending on personal preference and the intended use, 3D wooden maps can take on a variety of forms:

Wall Art

The most popular type, wall art 3D wooden maps, can vary in size from small accent pieces to large murals. They often feature cities, world maps, or natural landscapes like mountains and lakes.


Imagine your favorite city etched into the face of a clock. 3D wooden map clocks can be a unique addition to your home or office decor.


Small, intricate 3D wooden map coasters could be an interesting conversation starter at your next dinner party, offering functional use and visual appeal.

Custom Maps

Many artisans offer customized 3D wooden maps, where you can choose a specific location meaningful to you — your hometown, favorite vacation spot, or dream destination.

Applications and Styling

3D wooden maps can accentuate multiple areas in your home or workplace:

Living Room

A large-scale 3D wooden map can serve as an impressive focal point on the living room wall, compelling anyone entering the room.

Office Space

In your workspace, a 3D map could infuse a sense of global connectivity. If you're a business, a custom map displaying your service areas or locations can be both decorative and informative.

Children’s Room

3D wooden maps can be educational pieces in a child's room, offering a tactile way of teaching geography and broadening their curiosity about the world.


Given their ability to be personalized, 3D wooden map art also makes thoughtful and meaningful gifts, be it a housewarming celebration, an anniversary, or for travel enthusiasts.

Care and Maintenance

To ensure longevity and preserve the beauty of your 3D wooden map:

  • Avoid direct sunlight to prevent color fading.
  • Dust gently with a lint-free cloth and avoid using harsh cleaning products.
  • Check whether your map has a protective finish if you aim to apply any product to it.