Ascension Mirrored Cabinet

Product Description

The Ascension Mirrored Cabinet by Electric Mirror is a beautifully-designed piece of contemporary home décor that can serve as an effortless organizational tool for bathrooms. The cabinet features fully mirrored interiors with top lighting for easy organization, and adjustable glass shelves for added convenience. The cabinet door features patented, copper-free DuraMirror glass that is resistant to corrosion and suitable for installation in damp areas. An integrated defogger keeps the mirror free from fogging, and two vertically placed dimmable LED bands provide ample illumination. Made of aluminum, the cabinet body is done in a matte silver finish for a streamlined look.

The Ascension Mirrored Cabinet is part of Electric Mirror's expansive catalog of products that has been in existence since Jim Mischel and his father invented products in their family garage decades ago—and they've only gotten more innovative since then!


  • Not OK for Outdoor Use
  • LED lighting is high-powered and energy efficient
  • Equipped with Defogger with internal switch
  • Exceptional mirror reflectivity
  • Doors are mirrored on both sides with a slim, 0.75" profile
  • Choose between Left hinge (LT) or right hinge (RT)
  • Glass shelves are adjustable
  • Interior is mirrored
  • DuraMirror, corrosive resistant mirror
  • 7-year warranty
  • Interior 20 Amp, 120 VAC GFCI receptacle with two electrical outlets
  • Material: Glass
  • Location Rating: UL Listed
  • Made In China
  • Mirror Size: 23X30 Inch, 23X36 Inch, 23X40 Inch
  • Hinge Orientation: Left, Right
23X30 Inch Option Item: Width 23.25", Height 30", Depth 4.8"
23X36 Inch Option Item: Width 23.25", Height 36", Depth 4.8"
23X40 Inch Option Item: Width 23.25", Height 40", Depth 4.8"