Cordial Glasses

Cordial glasses are an excellent addition to any home or bar collection, especially if you enjoy hosting sophisticated dinner parties, or you're a fan of cordials and liqueurs. The right set of cordial glasses can add elegance to your gatherings and enhance the taste and experience of your favorite spirits. Whether you prefer traditional designs or contemporary ones, there is a cordial glass out there for everyone. Choose wisely and enjoy responsibly!

What are Cordial Glasses?

Cordial glasses, also known as liqueur glasses, are petite, stemmed drinkware typically used for serving small portions of sweet liqueurs, aperitifs, digestifs, or cordials. Therefore, their capacity usually ranges between 1 and 3 ounces. With their delicate and graceful appearance, these glasses contribute to the overall experience of enjoying rich and flavorful spirits.

Benefits of Cordial Glasses

1. Enhances Spirits' Aromatics

The design of cordial glasses, typically tall and narrow, helps to focus the aroma of the spirit to your nose, enhancing your overall tasting experience.

2. Small Serving Size

Since cordials and liqueurs are usually enjoyed in small quantities, the size of these glasses allows for appropriate portion control.

3. Adds Sophistication

The petite, elegant design of cordial glasses makes them a stylish addition to a dinner party, adding an element of sophistication to your after-dinner conversations.

4. Versatility

While primarily used for serving cordials and liqueurs, these glasses can also be used to serve other spirits or mini dessert portions, showcasing their versatility.

How to Choose the Right Cordial Glasses

When selecting the best cordial glasses for your space, consider several factors:

1. Size and Design

Choose the size which best suits your needs, based on your preferred drink. The design of the glass also plays a significant role - traditional cordial glasses tend to be taller and more narrow, while contemporary designs may take on different shapes.

2. Material

If you're looking to impress, crystal cordial glasses are known for their clarity and elegance. However, glass is a more sturdy and budget-friendly option, suitable for regular use.

3. Stem Length

Consider the stem length. A longer stem helps avoid heat transfer from your hand to the drink, keeping it at the ideal temperature for longer durations.

4. Set Size

Consider the number of glasses you typically need. Cordial glasses often come in sets, so choose a set that corresponds with your typical guest list.