Novo Lighted Mirror

Product Description

The Novo Lighted Mirror by Electric Mirror is a striking addition to modern bathrooms. Equipped with DuraMirror glass, it features two vertical bands of LED frosted light on either side. When lit, it produces task lighting in a natural light color that is ideal for grooming as well as a soft glow that illuminates the wall surrounding it. The mirror is treated with HardCoat anti-corrosion coating, making it last for years to come.

While Electric Mirror had its grand opening in 2016, the brand originated decades earlier with founder and President Jim Mischel and his father Doc inventing and building products in their family garage. Since then they have accumulated over 40 patents involving mirror technology and moved into a 125K square-foot facility while becoming a global leader in lighted mirrors. Their innovative high-tech catalog is complemented by clean contemporary designs, the result of extensive eco-friendly manufacturing processes that transform case mirror glass and sheet metal into quality home decor.

More About Novo Lighted Mirror

  • Not OK for Outdoor Use
  • Made in America with global and U.S. components
  • Uses LED lighting
  • Keep the mirror clear in steamy bathrooms with the addition of a Defogger
  • E-Life: 8-year Extended Lamp Replacement Cycle
  • Finger-Print Protection for Edge Frosted Mirrors
  • Offers natural Light Color
  • Mirror Treatment: HardCoat, Anti-Corrosion
  • Energy-efficient and sustainable
  • Diffused Wall Glow
  • Brilliant Chassis
  • Material: Glass mirror with metal frame
  • Location Rating: UL Listed
  • Made In America
  • Mirror Size: 36X36 Inch LED, 48X36 Inch LED
36X36 Inch LED Option Item: Width 36", Height 36", Depth 1.75"
48X36 Inch LED Option Item: Width 48", Height 36", Depth 1.75"