Silhouette LED Lighted Mirror with Keen Dimming Technology

Product Description

The Silhouette LED Lighted Mirror with Keen Dimming Technology by Electric Mirror is a luxurious addition to modern homes. With its sleek geometric profile and LED accent lights in the back, it will drastically boost the aesthetics of your bathroom space. This accent piece is protected by the HardCoat Anti-Corrosion Mirror Treatment, ensuring that it will survive the test of time.

Thanks to touch controls for easy-to-use brightness adjustments, including a night light setting, this mirror offers an energy-efficient intelligent sensor that will automatically dim after being on for one hour.

Electric Mirror had its grand opening in 2016, but the brand originated decades earlier when founder and President Jim Mischel and his father “Doc” invented and built products in their family garage. Since then they have accumulated over 40 patents involving mirror technology and moved into a 125,000 square foot facility—becoming a global leader in lighted mirrors. Their innovative high-tech catalog is complemented by clean contemporary designs, the result of extensive eco-friendly manufacturing processes that transform case mirror glass and sheet metal into quality home décor.


  • Not OK for Outdoor Use
  • Lighting Style: Indirect
  • Manufactured in America using U.S. and global components
  • Simple one touch dimming
  • Given HardCoat anti-corrosion treatment
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Material: DuraMirror Glass
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Location Rating: UL Listed Damp
  • Warranty: 7 years limited
  • Made In America
  • Mirror Size: 24X36 Inch LED, 30X42 Inch LED, 36X36 Inch LED, 42X42 Inch LED, 48X36 Inch LED, 54X42 Inch LED, 60X36 Inch LED, 66X42 Inch LED
24X36 Inch LED Option Item: Width 24", Height 36", Depth 1.75"
30X42 Inch LED Option Item: Width 30", Height 42", Depth 1.75"
36X36 Inch LED Option Item: Width 36", Height 36", Depth 1.75"
42X42 Inch LED Option Item: Width 42", Height 42", Depth 1.75"
48X36 Inch LED Option Item: Width 48", Height 36", Depth 1.75"
54X42 Inch LED Option Item: Width 54", Height 42", Depth 1.75"
60X36 Inch LED Option Item: Width 60", Height 36", Depth 1.75"
66X42 Inch LED Option Item: Width 66", Height 42", Depth 1.75"