Temperature Monitor, GLISTENY Thermometer Hygrometer Gauge with Digital Clock and Alarm Clock, Calendar, Voice Control Backlight, LCD Screen Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor

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Manufacturer Description

I. Introduction
1. Calendar: Range 2000-2099, 12/24-hour, time display: hour, minute
2. Alarm/Snooze: You can set a group of alarm clocks ringing for two minutes every time. Snooze interval is 8 minutes and snooze times are unlimited
3. Temperature and humidity:
Ù Can query the history of temperature and humidity and automatically update
Ú Temperature range: -10¡æ ~ +61¡æ£¨or 14.2 ~ +140¨H£; ¡æ/¨H conversion
Û The interval between automatic detections of temperature and humidity is 60 seconds; 8 second LED backlight
Ü Humidity range: 20% to 99%
Ý 12-hour temperature trend curve
4. Display of icons for three levels of comfort: dry, comfortable and humid
5. Four-level weather forecast according to temperature and humidity changes: sunny, half-sunny, cloudy and rainy
6. Sound control: when an alarm clock rings or make a large sound, LED will be on for 8 seconds

II. Basic Operations
1. Power on (or RESET), and accompanied by a "beep" sound LCD and LED lights are on for one second and then turned into the normal clock status
2. Press the MODE button to switch the time, date and alarm mode
3. In each mode, press and hold the MODE button for 2 second to enter setup
4. In each setting mode, press the UP/DOWN button to adjust the settings, press and hold the UP/DOWN button to accelerate increment/decrement
5. In any mode, press the DOWN button for ¡æ/¨H conversion; press the UP button to turn on/off the alarm; press and hold the UP button for 2 seconds to switch 12/24 hour
6. When the alarm rings, press SNOOZE/LIGHT button to turn on the snooze
7. Press the MAX/ MIN button: to view maximum/minimum/current temperature and humidity
8. S/C Buttons: It means Sensor/Close button which makes the clock sound and touch sensitive
9. Package includes with a USB cable which ensures the LED backlight always stay on

Product Features

? Note: There is a thick protective film on the screen to prevent from scratching screen. Please tear it apart before use. If you have any question about this Humidity Monitor, please contact us. Your satisfaction is the purpose of our service. ? Two power modes: 1. Battery Powered Supply: (1) You can click "Snooze / Light" button to open the blue backlight, and automatically turns off after 8 seconds. (2) You can click "S/C" button to initiate the voice-control backlight function. When the sound is sensed, the screen lights up automatically, and turns off automatically after 8 seconds. 2. USB Cable Power Supply: The screen will always be bright, it ensure the LED backlight always stay on. ? Hygrometer digital thermometer displays all time/24 hours MAX & MIN humidity and temperature records; Also displays the trend of each reading, allowing you to react ahead of time, such as adjusting your thermostat or humidifier in advance ? Digital clock and alarm clock, accurately display real-time time, help you get up in the morning at time ? Powered by AAA battery (NOT included), or uses USB cable which ensures the LED backlight always stay on; Convenient mounting feature for every type of room; Switch between Celsius/Fahrenheit readings

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