One of the most important ways to utilize your patio is to create a focal point. This can be done with the use of vases. Even the simplest and least expensive vases will create the kind of impact you desire on your garden area.

There are many different types of vases. One of the most common is the hanging one. In these vases, the bottom is attached to the side of the container and the top, which may be opened, hangs down. In a good design, the vase will have a wooden or glass cover that will either give it an old world, or oriental look.

The vase is also referred to as an "inverted pineapple," and in this type the bottom section is open while the top is down. In some designs, the whole top is removed, leaving only the spout and stem.

Another type is the plain bowl vase which has a cylindrical shaped bowl or cup which is placed on the ground and filled with water. These bowls come in several sizes, with the most common being those used for wine, or for brewing coffee.

For unique and informal style of art, vases are usually topped with miniature figurines, candles, or other smaller items. This will allow them to be used as a conversation piece or simply a decorative item that adds a sense of interest to the garden.

If you prefer fine art, there are specialty vases that are made specifically for that purpose. There are a number of such vases available, some very expensive, while others are fairly inexpensive.

Other than a style or design, you also have the option of making them from clay, plastic, or even glass. Some gardeners prefer the standard style, but may feel inclined to experiment with new material types. For the most part, though, plain vases are just as durable as those made from wood.

Once you have decided on a particular material, you should check the label to see if the vase can be used with other materials. Generally, materials such as pottery, glass, or porcelain can not be used with traditional vases.

One of the most versatile materials available to the vase maker is wire. While the plain bowl vases made from wire look almost identical to the other vases, this material allows for some flexibility and has some interesting variations to it.

You can make a variety of shapes out of wire, including circles, pipes, bags, circles, elongated oval, or almost any other shape you desire. There are some even made to look like pots, teapots, and similar objects.

To make the vases appear more unique, you may want to experiment with different shapes and the different colors of the wire. You may decide on colors or forms, or both, which will help you create many options for your final product.