Old Fashioned Glasses

old fashioned glasses

When you think of ophthalmologists, do you immediately think of those old fashioned glasses they are wearing? Old fashioned glasses are the least known of all our eye doctor's services.

The reason for this is that ophthalmologists work in the physician's office and use one of those ugly things most of us know and recognize. They work in doctors' offices, which makes their contact lenses seem irrelevant.

Even though wearers look at them, they don't realize they actually don't wear them for a living. They are also available in new designs and colors.

Wearers can choose from any number of lenses or be completely custom-made. That's what makes them a very good choice for some people who have never worn glasses before.

It's also very simple to use contact lenses when you first go to the eye doctor. All they want you to do is ask for your prescription and then tell you to bring back your old glasses.

These temporary contact lenses are made to fit over the lenses your doctor has already given you. It's easy, fast and will save you the hassle of being home while your eyes are being checked.

If you decide to use lenses over time, it's likely going to take a long process. You may get out of the office and walk down the street and as you pass by the eye doctor's, you'll notice they have changed their contact lenses.

Of course, this is because they changed the contacts for a variety of reasons. The doctor probably has had to use a few different kinds and can't remember which kind works best for them.

Since your lenses have a prescription for you, it's a piece of cake to do this. Just ask the office if you can see if they have any suggestions or something that you can do to make your vision better.

Don't despair if you have to replace your glasses when you go to the doctor's. It won't be painful and it will probably make you happier.